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Our cross-disciplinary team of technologists, artists, and product leaders explores how to help Lowe's customers and associates harness emerging tech to approach home improvement in imaginative, unexpected and meaningful ways.

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At Labs, we don’t always know where our work will take us (and that’s half the fun), but each step we take into the unknown is made with consideration and rigor. We combine different perspectives, technologies, and talents to make visionary futures tangible – and have established a reputation for integrity by being honest and transparent with our stakeholders, be they associates, external partners or Labs team members.

We make innovation real and the future tactile through prototypes, proofs-of-concept, and scaled productions you can touch, feel, test, and learn from. Our culture is built on the idea that there’s always something new to uncover, that there’s always more to learn and new people to learn from. That’s why building a team with diverse backgrounds and different points of view isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s an essential part of how we do our work.

  1. Focus on customers

    We specialize in emerging tech—but always in service of solving real, human problems. And whether we’re focusing on Lowe’s external customers, our store associates, technology collaborators or internal business partners, we strive to empathize with and empower whoever we’re collaborating with.

  2. Deliver results

    At Labs, we don’t (and can’t) always know where our work will take us. But we always set clear expectations about what we want to achieve. Then, we apply rigor to ensure we generate beneficial learnings and value along the way. Credibility is our currency. We establish a reputation for integrity by being honest and transparent with our stakeholders—and by delivering on our commitments. Lastly, we make innovation real. Our journey often manifests as prototypes and concepts that you can touch, feel, test and learn from.

  3. Take action

    Innovation is an open-ended field with limitless possibility, which can feel daunting, understandably. We thrive in ambiguity, and believe the best way to navigate it is by taking it one step at a time. We draw on the best data that we can gather, break down big challenges into smaller, testable hypotheses, and build prototypes and proofs-of-concept—all to move the ball down the field --all to accelerate the future.

  4. Show courage

    We explore emerging technologies, concepts and futures that might seem wildly far off to others. We challenge doubts with respect, and shore up our exploration with conviction and data. But showing courage isn’t just about defending the future—it’s about taking ownership over our decisions. We’re not afraid to make first-time mistakes—nor are we afraid to own them. They’re great opportunities to learn.

  5. Continue learning

    Our culture is built on the notion that there is always something new to uncover, and that failure is often a better teacher than success. We aim to build a culture of continuous development, upskilling and sharing. And we translate what we learn into tools and opportunities to help others.

  6. Create and connect

    This is a value distinct to Labs and is core to to our success. We consider ourselves to be alchemists: a team that combines different perspectives, technologies, and talents to build something greater. Our team draws not only on insights from the worlds of home improvement and technology, but absorbs and remixes thinking from fields as far-flung as behavioral psychology, arts and humanities, economics—even pop culture—to generate novel futures.

At Lowe’s Innovation Labs, our passion for innovation drives us to explore uncharted territory, challenge the status quo, and pioneer new frontiers in home improvement. At the same time, our close collaboration with business partners and relentless focus on customers enables us to deliver innovative novel solutions at Lowe’s scale.

Cheryl Friedman

VP, Lowe's Innovation Labs


Lowe's Innovation Labs is headquartered in Kirkland, WA, with a second location at Lowe's Tech Hub in Charlotte, NC. Our offices are designed to foster collaboration and creativity, with open floor plans that encourage interaction and idea-sharing, and private R&D spaces that house... well, we can't tell you right now. 

Lowe's Innovation Labs team meeting in Kirkland, WA.

Within our offices, the Lowe's Innovation Labs team incubates new emerging technology capabilities, products and businesses, readying them for Lowe's customers and associates.

Doorway view of Lowe's Innovation Labs Maker Space - a room of assorted machines, circuits, and research equipment.

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What we offer

At Labs, we operate like a startup, but with the backing and benefits of Lowe’s. That means we can invest in our associates’ futures and wellbeing by providing a wide range of competitive benefits.

  • Competitive pay
  • Hybrid work model
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Paid time off, including vacation, holidays, sick, and volunteer time
  • Maternal and parental leave as well as adoption assistance
  • Flexible spending and health savings accounts
  • 401(k) retirement account with company matching
  • Associate discount at Lowe’s stores and Lowes.com
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Building the future of home improvement requires a variety of skills and perspectives. At Labs, we often look to external tech leaders to innovate with us. We’d love to connect with you.

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