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Imagine a Lowe’s store that can tailor itself to you. We’re exploring technologies -- like digital twins, AI, and spatial computing -- and building capabilities that can enable our associates to better manage our stores, making sure they adapt, evolve, and meet customer needs on a more personal level.

Store aisle in Lowe's Home Improvement in a split view of real life and the store Digital Twin digital representation.

When our customers walk into a Lowe's store, they expect a few basic things. They expect we'll have products in stock. They expect we'll have a clean layout that makes it easy to find what they want. They expect our stores to be safe.

Delivering on these expectations is anything but basic.

At Lowe’s Innovation Labs, we see a future in which technologies rewire how we understand and optimize what's happening in our stores. We’re building solutions that are designed to give our associates new superpowers, and that will enable our stores to better adapt in real-time to meet our customers' needs.

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Male in home measuring his room's dimensions with his mobile device.

Spatial Commerce


We’re building towards a future in which our customers' homes are the canvas of e-commerce, and one in which they have all the data about their home in their hands wherever they are, whenever they need it.