Democratization of Expertise

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Home improvement is dependent on expert knowledge. We’re pioneering a series of capabilities designed to unlock and better distribute expertise to our customers and associates.

Service person in female customer's kitchen measuring space using Lowes Measure Your Space mobile interface.

At Lowe’s Innovation Labs, we see a future in which emerging technologies will unlock and distribute expertise among our customers and associates in transformative ways, and enable new modes of collaboration, no matter where they are.

AI, computer vision, and spatial computing will come together to present decades of home improvement experience in new ways, to reinvent training and to facilitate remarkable advances in remote collaboration. 

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Store aisle in Lowe's Home Improvement in a split view of real life and the store Digital Twin digital representation.

Future Stores


Imagine a Lowe’s store that can tailor itself to you. We’re exploring technologies -- like digital twins, AI, and spatial computing -- and building capabilities that can enable our associates to better manage our stores, making sure they adapt, evolve, and meet customer needs on a more personal level.

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