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Measure Your Space

Honored at the 2022 Augmented World Expo

Selected as the best AR/VR experience available to the public in major app stores across all verticals.

Female measuring bedroom walls with Lowe's Innovation Labs Measure Your Space experience through the Lowe's Home Improvement mobile app.

Spatial Commerce

Using LiDAR to take the guesswork out of shopping for flooring

Lowe’s sees a future in which data about our homes is digital, easy to access, and available to help us dream, design and shop for home improvement projects.

With Measure Your Space, we've built another step towards this future. 

A mobile device showing room measurements from Lowes Innovation Labs Measure Your Space experience with bedroom in the background.

See how Measure Your Space works. 

What it is

Measure Your Space is an intuitive, end-to-end room scanning, measurement and estimate experience available now in the Lowe’s iOS app.

Unlocking the power of spatial data for informed decisions

Every home improvement project requires a basic, yet precise, understanding of the dimensions and layout of a space. Whether you're picking out an appliance, redoing your floors, or buying paint, this spatial data is crucial for selecting the right products, ordering the correct quantities, and estimating costs.

Yet, traditionally, capturing this data has been frustrating - pulling out the tape measure and grappling with geometry calculations. And accuracy is paramount, as no one wants to order too much or too little material or be surprised by the total project cost.

Female in bedroom on Lowes Home Improvement mobile app shopping for flooring.
Built in-house by Labs

Measure Your Space leverages Apple’s RoomPlan which uses a device's sensors, trained ML models, and RealityKit's rendering capabilities to capture the physical surroundings of an interior room.

Lowe’s customers with LiDAR enabled iPhone and iPad devices* will now see a new feature inside the Lowe’s mobile app.

On select flooring product pages, you’ll be greeted by a Measure Your Space button.

Tapping this will open up your phone’s camera, where you will be guided through an easy scan of your space. Once complete, a 2D or 3D floor plan will automatically generate. You can review, name the room and save your measurement. Finally, you'll receive an accurate pricing estimate for the flooring product you selected for this space.

*Select devices include iPhone Pro/Pro Max models 12 through 15 and iPad Pro equipped with LiDAR Scanner.

Couple with a mobile device reviewing their room measurements from Lowes Innovation Labs Measure Your Space experience Lowes Innovation Labs Measure Your Space experience.